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Registered Email is Neopost’s latest development to help reduce the costs and time constraints caused by traditional registered post. Send important documents such as contracts, warnings and statements in minutes from your desktop for just a fraction of the cost of traditional registered post. 

Reduce Expense and Save Time

Did you know it costs at least €8 to send a single item of traditional registered post, a lot of money to get a delivery notice? But can you be sure the receiver will actually open the piece of post? 

With Neopost’s Registered Email for a fraction of the price registered post, notifications are sent when the document is received, opened and read. The option to include a signature is also available should that be required, making it perfect for a quick contract turnaround.  


Registered Email holds a secure connection between the senders server and that of the recipient. Each organisation has it's own Registered Email server which is set up with an SSL certificate allowing for a secure connection between other mail servers and web pages. Registered Emails are stored in an encrypyted environment until the mail is retrieved, declined or the set retrieval period has expired. At this point the email is securely deleted. Encryption-keys are stored seperately from the customer's environment. 

Retrieving a Registered Email

Before the Registered Email server releases the mail, a CE-ID (32-bit) is requested; when 3 attempts fail the IP-address is blocked.
A Hash code (SHA256) will be calculated for all submitted attachments to show – if desired – the authenticity of the message.

Registered Email is fully traceable and verifiable, due to third party digital signature verification. Perfect for contracts, debt collection notices and sensitive documents. Registered Email takes the guesswork out of sending sensitive documents.

Get Instant Notifications

When an email is sent the recipient receives a message informing them of a pending Registered Email, which they can either accept and read or reject, much like a physical letter. Accepted or rejected a notification is sent, tracked and recorded meaning you'll hear about their decision as soon as they make it. Find out exactly how Neopost’s Registered Email works at the video above. 



The e-Signature function allows you to have contracts and documents signed and emailed back. Significantly speeding up the process. 
Letters in Batch

Letters in Batch

Send Multiple Registered Emails at the same time, with just one click of the mouse! Great for sending contracts, suspension letters or agreements.


Receive immediate notification once your Registered Email has been accepted, downloaded, opened or rejected by the recipient.
Save Time

Save Time

Cut out the hours of filling in An Post’s registered post paperwork, Registered Email is completely digital, allowing you to save hours of time and a forest of trees
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