Benefits of PrintMachine to Your Marketing Function

Output management is one way in which collaboration can be enhanced to help ensure better business operations !

It is a key factor in achieving both internal costs saving and timely delivery of information to customers

1) Improve document layout and presentation

  • Invoices,
  • account statement,
  • production paperwork,
  • pay slips and other documents are vehicles for quality corporate communication.

PrintMachine can help gain visibility through overall document quality. Addition of colour images or display of charts adds obvious value to the document stream. Most mailings are more or less predictable, request for information, contract renewal, etc. However, some occur randomly and have a potential impact on the relationship, payment, contractual claims, etc.

Quality Improvements:  

  • Selective inserting. (Customer can receive the desired mail-item marketing insert)
  • Automated mail processing and document integrity   
  • Consistent appearance (common look and feel on various documents)
  • Maintaining corporate design across the enterprise and all applications (Corporate marketing consistency through corporate communications)
  • Improving quality of information (address hygiene, improved fonts, Graphical presentment of data)
  • Enhancing the look of the document (adding customized messaging to Transactional mail, adding visuals like graphs and charts)
  • Address quality (speeds delivery and reduces undelivered and returned mail, eliminating duplicate addresses from list)
  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering message in customer desired format, allows choice of media (one or more paper, e-mail, fax, web presentment)
  • Easy reprint capability (quality and consistency)
  • Ability to provide “proof of mailing” and status of letter delivery (improved customer care)


2) Increase personalized target marketing

Even the most sophisticated marketing operation has to comply with the same down-to-earth contingency: reaching the customer.  
At the end of the day, the most used channel to reach the customer is the mail.

With PrintMachine you can:

  • Target specific niches.
  • Deliver the right information on time.
  • Deliver content-rich documents to help develop and maintain a personalised relationship. In this context, the mail becomes the corporate image carrier and represents a reliable way to uncover and to take advantage of new business opportunities.


3) Unlock the potential of your raw data

Your raw data has the potential to become a more effective business communication tool and it can have a greater impact by adding value to the documents.

PrintMachine can:

  • add personalized messages targeted to a particular group of clients, such as announcements about new services and promotions.
  • add barcodes to advertisements and other promotions which will give you more accurate response tracking and fulfilment


4) Communicate to your non-customers

Also there is an expectation and willingness within the marketing department to increase the marketing activity to the non-customer base. This marketing activity will probably take the form of a newsletter with an A4 covering sheet. This work could now be successfully facilitated in-house.  
Recently companies are increasingly obliged to review their customer relations strategies and deploy new solutions in response to increasingly intense competitive pressures.

The prime issue is one of:

  • achieving new efficiencies
  • reducing the cost of producing and
  • distributing written communications.


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