The financial benefits that PrintMachine brings your business...

PrintMachine Software can bring you a whole range of benefits right across your organsiation. Here are just some of the advantages that PrintMachine brings that might interest your IT department:

1) Increase Capability on Existing Mailing Equipment

Neopost PrintMachine is easily integrated to your exisiting in house systems.  You can can have all the benefits and none of the headaches…

  • a more efficient C5 unit
  • a second unit to process C4 envelopes
  • ability to add OMR/BCR readers to the mailing machines so that all sets presented to the machines can be fulfilled accurately & quickly
  • faster production, zero insertion errors, sequence checking & also selective inserting.
  • ability to add the MPPC cameras at the end of the process for verification & reconciliation purposes

Both these units will be user - friendly allowing ease of use the equipment for numerous operators, while also being very flexible in the type of inserts that could be processed. These machines are modular in design so future proofing your investment if your needs should ever change.

2) Simple System Integration

Neopost would carry out a full system analysis and produce a System Definition, which would act as a detailed technical plan and also as a Project Agreement, which would define the scope and timeframes of the project as a whole. Included in this document would be a full definition of each document to be configured and what output type is required.   

PrintMachine System Synopsis

3) Easy to use Graphical User Interface

The graphical user interface and the “Point & Click” feature ensure that the system and the documents are very easy for users to configure and operate. The BTA PrintMachine server would receive raw and pre-formatted data from any of the your business’ system environments, transforming or adding intelligence to business documents such as invoices, account statements, production paperwork, labels or mail-merge letters. PrintMachine analyses the raw and preformatted data and activates the design and processing procedures.

By dynamically incorporating information from back-end data sources and content repositories, customized documents can provide more timely information, eliminate extraneous content, address the specific needs of a given target audience.

4) Ability to Schedule Print Output

The ability to schedule print output at different times takes the manual intervention aspects out of the print process. The more automation, the more efficient the process is as a whole. Larger jobs can be sent to the printer overnight reducing spool time at the time of print and reducing network load during the day.

5) Harmonise the Document Output Process Across the Organisation

Ensuring that one application handles all document output processes means that your business can standardise methods of document production across the business.
This will reduce the time spent by employees carrying out tasks that distract from their key roles thereby increasing efficiency.

6) Integrate the Output Management with Business Applications

PrintMachine can be integrated easily into your system environment and into every relevant process sequence – there is no need to re-code at the application level. All critical processes can be automated.

7) Closed Loop verification

Neopost PrintMachine supports closed-loop integrity from collection of print streams up to the mail piece which is ready to be posted.
Process of Closed Loop

  • Neopost PrintMachine allocates an ID to each mail piece and prints it in the form of a 2d Data Matrix barcode into the address zone of the documents
  • At the exit of the mail inserter system, a scanner reads the barcode through the windows of the envelope and returns the information to Neopost PrintMachine
  • Depending on type and model, the mail insertion system can be stopped in case of double reads, misreads or ID which are out of sequence for operator intervention
  • Neopost PrintMachine counterchecks against the printed documents, presents visually the status of each mail piece and logs the activities.


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