The financial benefits that PrintMachine brings your business...

PrintMachine Software can bring you a whole range of benefits right across your organsiation. Here are just some of the advantages that PrintMachine brings to the area of finance:

Save on Postage and Packaging costs by Pre sorting

Neopost PrintMachine can collect and sort several documents, which are intended for the same recipient (e.g. from different applications and system environments). This means that customers will only receive one envelope per day, week or month allowing you to make substantial savings on postage and packaging costs. You can also specify the sequence of the documents inside each single envelope.
Documents can be pre-grouped and/or diverted into electronic Mailboxes depending on criteria such as:

  • The “Remote Dashboard” allows viewing and operating the Electronic Mailboxes as per above criteria. 
  • Batch Preparation for Posting to locations and mail hubs (e.g. for stamping in different countries)
  • Type of Client
  • Internal Mail
  • Handwritten Address
  • Exception handling
  • Weight range (weight per mail piece calculated by Neopost Print Machine)  
  • The pre-grouped documents can be electronically sorted in a defined order (e.g. by Country Code)
  • Grouping of different reports for the same recipient is done in order for the preparation of the automated mail insertion
  • Documents within a group (e.g. envelope) for the same client can also be sorted according to the desired business rules
  • Postage savings thanks to grouping of documents from different applications


2) Mail that is Secure and Accurate

An investment in PrintMachine is an investment in peace of mind.

Neopost can add OMR/BCR marks to your outgoing documentation to ensure that you have 100% accuracy that all sets are complete and going to the right recipient. These marks will be added to the documents as it goes through PrintMachine so when they are printed all groups for the same recipient are matched together. By adding these marks you are ensuring that all intended correspondence goes to the right recipient and protecting yourselves against any data protection queries but also protecting each and all of your clients

Cost reduction has become a key priority for businesses. This constitutes a major leverage for gaining elbow room in highly competitive and mature sectors where growth in market share and sales is costly and difficult to achieve.


3) Reduce Debtor Days

Companies often spend hundreds of thousands of working hours on trivial tasks such as collating, sorting and grouping business documents. Inserting documents manually is a source of potential mistakes. Automating your mail fulfuilment by cutting back on manual fulfilment of your mail means that your credit control staff can do what they do best - calling your debtors!
Furthermore, in-house mailing/posting systems are frequently unable to detect when several different letters are sent to the same address, generating increased costs and contributing to customer dissatisfaction.
Neopost can ensure that address quality is improved so that all addresses fit into the envelope window thus reducing manual intervention.


4) Reduce Dependence on External Providers

Where mailers obtain some discount on postage, having a dedicated internal output management solution helps the mailer obtain the total savings for themselves (no need to share the discount). Handing over client data to outsourcing partners, which – despite data protection measures – may contain some risk of misuse. Once mail is sent, the mailer loses control of it. Delays mean a potential negative impact on the company's cash-balance. Modern cost-effective technologies in mail processing treatment now allow savings in time and human resources, making outsourcing less attractive.


5) Add Intelligence to Giro Slips

By adding intelligence in the form of a barcode to the giro form, the Payment Reference number can be automatically read by the Bank and this information will appear against all transactions on the Bank Statement.
This will have the following benefits:

  • Frees up AR staff time
  • Enables faster reconciliation of payments
  • Reduce debtor days
  • Reduce the number of dunning letters
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce unallocated revenue


6) Migration to Electronic Payment Systems

Electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP) technology is revolutionizing the billing process by offering online and real time presenting of bill content and payment choices.
PrintMachine can enable your business to migrate their billing processes into this environment thereby future proofing your investment.


7) Improve Document Layout and Presentation

As you know Invoices, account statement, production paperwork, pay slips and other documents are vehicles for quality corporate communication.  PrintMachine can help gain visibility through overall document quality. Addition of colour images or display of charts adds obvious value to the document stream. Most mailings are more or less predictable, request for information, contract renewal, etc. However, some occur randomly and have a potential impact on the relationship, payment, contractual claims, etc.

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