Total document management solution

Neotrax is the last word in document management. A complete turnkey solution that offers easy set-up and deployment with seamless integration acrioss your existing business systems. Neotrax will completely transform the way your business manages documents. Save time. Save space. Save money. With Neotrax you will never lose an important document again.



Take control of document management

Easy installation and set up

  • Neotrax is easily installed and normally can be set up in less than a day. The package is sold with a full license package and software is supplied with all relevant hardware

Time management

  • Increase productivity and minimise the time spent searching for misplaced documents

Protect your business

  • Protect your business against the loss of data and important documents

The new standard in document management


Neotrax is a full, SQL-based document management software solution which can run on your network or in the cloud.

Store all your files

It allows you to store all files, both paper and electronic, in one place for easy access. Files can be retrieved on your PC, tablet or smart phone and emailed to other users as required. 

Once documents are scanned using our workflow and approval modules, Neotrax  intelligently routes them to the correct user. Get your documents to the right people, instantly and with minimum effort. No more pigeon holes, piles of paper or missing documents.

Automate your documents

Neotrax can automatically create your invoices, credit notes and statements, taking them from your account system, generating the documents, overlaying your logos and outputting via print or email.
In fact, Neotrax can automate the emailing of your documents to clients, by setting up automatic notifications and forwards. For example, when a new debtor is created you can set up automatic emailing of invoices to that client.

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