Neopost Turas

We believe that providing the best service in the business, is good business. Happy clients are loyal clients. That's why we have developed our customer supprt programme, Neopost Turas.

At Neopost Ireland, we believe in offering you the very best in customer care.


It makes sense. We know that in order for us to ensure our continued success, we need to offer you the high levels of customer service and local support that you deserve.


You see, we understand that when you choose a Neopost solution, you are not simply purchasing a piece of equipment or software, you are starting a journey. We want to ensure that we are there for you on every step of that journey.


That is why we have developed our customer support programme, Neopost Turas. Turas is about helping you get maximum benefit from your relationship with Neopost. Turas is about rewarding you for your loyalty.


Turas is about giving you the advice, support and help you need to ensure that you are happy with your Neopost product.


When you become a Neopost customer, Neopost Turas is about showing you that you have made the right call. 


Members of the programme can expect exclusive offers, helpful hints and tips, member treats and rewards and so much more.


So start your journey with Neopost today and find out why our customer service really sets us apart from the competition.