Choosing a Neopost folder inserter?

Neopost Ireland is the leading provider of folding inserting solutions to Irish Businesses  

Folding & Inserting Solutions 

How many times have you found yourself manually stuffing envelopes during busy mail runs?


Our dedication to innovation within this area guarantees that our range outshines the competition when it comes to reliability, ease of use and functionality.


To benefit from a Neopost folding inserting solution your business would need to be processing from as little as 500 pieces of collateral per month.


Manual fulfilment is an unneccesary cost to your business.  Our solutions automate the process of mail fulfilment to free up the availability of your employees for more important tasks within your organisation.


Why use a Neopost folding inserting machine?


Not only will a Neopost folder inserter eliminate manual fulfilment but will also enhance the presentation quality of your envelope.


You can also maximise the benefits of automatic mail fulfilment by increasing your marketing correspondance volumes and the frequency of your invoice runs for prompt customer payment.


Neopost folding inserting solutions can save you money on your outgoing mail. Designed to fit the maximum number of items in the smallest envelope will reduce your postage charges and reduce the amount of stationery you purchase.


Neopost leads the way when it comes to maximum outgoing mail security.


Does your business issue business sensitive documentation? Do you require higher security levels on your outgoing mail? Using OMR (Optical mark recognition) or Barcode reading technology, our folding inserting range works with our BTA software system to provide you with the highest level of security when mailing business critical documentation.