Folding & Inserting Machine?

What does a folding and inserting machine do? How can it benefit my business? 

The benefits to my business

What is a folding inserting machine?


A folding & inserting machine is a mechanical device used to fold paper and automatically insert the folded paper into envelopes. Many models also offer the ability to seal the envelopes. Predominantly used for mailing, folding & inserting machines offer a way to automate the mail preparation process and eliminate much of the manual labour that’s involved in packing your mail.


What are the benefits of a folding and inserting machine?


If you’ve ever spent hours hand creasing letters, pushing them into envelopes and closing them up, the benefits of a machine that can handle all of these tasks automatically will be pretty obvious:


Speed: A folding inserting machine can get through many more mail items per hour than even than someone doing it manually. Even the fastest most experienced mail packers only get up to a couple of hundred per hour whereas inexpensive, entry-level machines start off at speeds of 1,300 per hour.


Cost: A folding inserting machine has the potential to greatly reduce the man hours required to pack your mail. Think about it, mailings that traditionally may have required a team of hand packers to manually fold and insert the items could be automatically completed in a fraction of the time.


Consistency: If you’ve ever spent time folding and inserting mail into envelopes, you’ll know it’s hard to be consistent. The chances of folding and inserting every item in exactly the same way are pretty slim. Missing items, crooked folds, addresses not aligned correctly in the window, envelopes not properly sealed; these are just a few of the issues you’ll see with manually-packed mailings. A folding and inserting machine eliminates these issues.


Accuracy: Another common issue with manually-packed mailings is accuracy. When people are packing a lot of mail items they get tired. Fatigue sets in. Mistakes happen. Suddenly letters are getting mixed up. Some customers might get two letters while others get none. Most modern folding inserting machines are fitted with advanced security features, such as double-document detection and barcode matching, which help you greatly reduce the chances of these issues occurring.


These are some of the general benefits that a folding inserting machine can bring your business but there may be more depending on the type and scale of folder inserter you select...


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