Postage Rates

What are the postage rates for my outgoing mail.

Postage Rates

While there have been a number of rate increases over the last couple of years, mail still represents excellent value. Granted, it will never compete with some digital methods when comparing flat per unit costs, but when you look at things like interaction, engagement and cut through, mail is infinitely more effective in getting your customers’ attention and generating responses.

You can look at all of the other standard postage rates for different zones here on the An Post website or you can use this cool postage calculator to find the exact cost for a specific item. 


Saving on your powww...


Neopost Franking Machine Customers Save: Don’t forget that as a Neopost Ireland franking machine customer you save an automatic 1c per item on everything you send.

Mail More and Save More: Even better news for Neopost Ireland customers is that if you send 200 items or more at once, you can save a whopping 24%. That’s 45c per item as opposed to 60c for a letter or postcard.


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