Can I re-credit my franking machine online?

Credifon® is the simple, effortless way to re-credit your Neopost franking machine with postage funds. 

Re-crediting my franking machine

Using the modem link, you just call the number, enter your PIN and select the value of credit. Within less than a minute you can re-credit your franker.


  • It's faster with fewer keystrokes, as simple as using an ATM
  • It's more efficient with our direct debit facility you only pay for the credit you use after you download it
  • It's less hassle with no set-up charges.
  • It's available whenever you need it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • It's assured comprehensive disaster recovery procedures underwrite complete user confidence in the availability and performance of Credifon® re-crediting at all times and in all situations. You have in-depth protection against internal frauds, external hazards such as fire and explosion, and for the communication systems which link you up.

For more on re-crediting contact our Services Department on 1850 33 44 55 or email