Rate Change

After a pricing review by An Post, the price of some postal services will increase from Wednesday, 4th April 2018. The increases effect services across all destination zones. Relatively speaking the increases are minor and even at the rate of €1.00 for a standard domestic letter, An Post rates will remain well below the EU average of €1.10.

Now price increases are rarely welcome, but there is great news for Neopost customers. The rate for franking a standard letter will be 5 cent cheaper at 95 cent. 

Here is an overview of the new postage rates for mailing items within Ireland & Northern Ireland and you can download the complete An Post guide to the new postage rates by clicking through on the image below:


There are a huge number of tariff changes that will need to be updated in your franking machine. To ensure that you continue to get the best rate possible for every item you send, we highly recommend that you update your Neopost franking machine with the latest rates from An Post.


The exact method for updating your machine with the new rates will vary depending on what type of machine you have. Some machines require a new memory card to be sent out to you. The more modern machines can be updated online. Just find your franking machine below and download the correct set of instructions:

Neopost Franking Machine New Postage Rates Memory Card Instructions

Neopost IJ-25 Rate Change InstructionsNeopost IJ-35/45 New Rate Card Instructions


Neopost Franking Machine Postal Rate Update Instructions

Neopost IJ-25 OLS Rate Update InstructionsNeopost IJ-40/50 OLS Rate Update Instructions

Neopost IJ-70 OLS Rate Update InstructionsNeopost IJ-80/110 OLS Rate Update Instructions


Neopost IS-Range An Post New Postal Rate Update 2015


Neopost IS-280 New Postage Rate Update InstructionsNeopost IS-350/420/440 New Postal Rate Update Instructions

Neopost IS-480 New Postal Rates Upload


If you have any questions about this Rate Change or how to ensure that you franking machine is up-to-date with the latest rates, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact form on the left.