Rate Change

After a pricing review by An Post, the price of some postal services increased on Friday, 8th November 2019. An post have changed a significat number of changes to their current postal rates. 

The rate for franking a standard letter is unaffected and remains 5 cent cheaper at 95 cent,and further good news is that An Post are offering significant savings on a large number of their parcel services.

The new rate table introduces a significant number of changes and as a result your franking machine will require an immediate update to ensure your are availing of the new savings. Franking using incorrect rates could risk overpayment or your mail being returned undelivered. 

Here is an overview of the new postage rates for mailing items within Ireland & Northern Ireland and you can download the complete An Post guide to the new postage rates by downloading the document at the bottom of the page.


Below are the steps that need to be taken to apply the new rates to your franking machine. If you require assistance call Neopost on 01 625 0900.

Rate change

The exact method for updating your machine with the new rates will vary depending on what type of machine you have. Some machines require a new memory card to be sent out to you. The more modern machines can be updated online. Just find your franking machine below and download the correct set of instructions:

Neopost Franking Machine New Postage Rates Memory Card Instructions

Neopost IJ-25 Rate Change InstructionsNeopost IJ-35/45 New Rate Card Instructions


Neopost Franking Machine Postal Rate Update Instructions

Neopost IJ-25 OLS Rate Update InstructionsNeopost IJ-40/50 OLS Rate Update Instructions

Neopost IJ-70 OLS Rate Update InstructionsNeopost IJ-80/110 OLS Rate Update Instructions




If you have any questions about this Rate Change or how to ensure that you franking machine is up-to-date with the latest rates, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact form on the left.