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The UniBinder 8.2 is the newest technology for binding your documents. It binds documents from 1 up to 340 sheets. Bind, crimp and cool in seconds with one system.

SPECIAL OFFER: UniBinder 8.2 + 1 free box of binder covers + 1 free Unitower storage unit for binder covers (worth €100 ). From just €10.75 per week!

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Unibinder 8.2

The UniBinder 8.2 document binding machine can bind up to 8 documents at once. This binding system binds up to 340 sheets with a limited number of spine sizes and crimps up to 120 sheets using only 3 spine sizes of UniCovers The crimping movement pushes the paper firmly into the binding resin for a guaranteed binding quality.


  • The UniBinder 8.2 can bind up to 6 documents at once
  • Binds up to 340 sheets with a limited number of spine sizes
  • Crimps up to 340 sheets using only 5 spine sizes of UniCovers
  • Economical: no warm-up time needed
  • Safe ​


Easy to use

  • Your work is done in 3 easy steps
  • User-friendly
  • Crimps automatically after detection of the steel spine


  • Super-strong permanent bond
  • The crimping movement pushes the paper extra in the binding resin for a guaranteed binding quality
  • Edit documents quickly and easily



  • Always ready to use
  • Maintenance-free
Easy To Use

Easy To Use

Create professional looking documents simply
Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Available from just €10.75 per week
Easy Operation

Easy Operation

Bind up to 340 pages and crimp up to 120 pages without any need to punch pages
We believe that our customers deserve more than just a great piece of equipment. That’s why when you choose to work with Neopost you get so much more. Whether it’s a new franking machine, a folder inserter or software...

Neopost Service Promise

  • 480 x 295 x 390 mm (2 x 25 mm)
  • 2 binding compartments
  • 1 automatic crimping compartment
  • 2 cooling compartments
  • Weight: 11.52 kg
  • 220-240 V~50 Hz 
  • 2 x 175 W
  • CE certified
UniBinder 8.2

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