Office Shredders

The new range of office shredders receive an automatic oil injection mid-operation preventing paper jams and breakages. Neopost specialises in a range of document handling systems designed to reduce the cumbersome hand work traditionally required with these types of jobs. Call us now on 01 625 0900 or use the contact form to get in touch.


Ideal Shredcat 8283 cc Image
Ideal Shredcat 8283 Cross Cut

Auto-feed paper shredder

The Ideal Shredcat 8283 CC is a Powerful auto feed document shredder for your office or the entire office floor. Convenient, automatic shredding of up to...

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IDEAL 2604 oiler

Innovative auto-oiler cross / cut shredder

Self oiling shredders are the latest addition to Neopost's unbeatable range of office equipment. The shredder receives an automatic oil injection to keep...

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IDEAL 3104 oiler

Innovative auto-oiler cross / cut shredder

The Ideal 3104 oiler 8280 is an innovative self oiling shredder that helps avoid paper jams, and the nuisance of your shredder grinding to a halt and...

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IDEAL 3105-CROSS/CUT Auto-oiler

Powerful Auto-oiling Cross/Cut Shredder

Extremely powerful office shredder with electronic capacity control and automatic oil injection system for a consistently high shred performance.

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IDEAL 4605 Compact high-capacity shredder
IDEAL 4605 Compact high-capacity shredder Auto-oiler

High Capacity auto-oiling shredder

Compact high-capacity shredder with feeding hopper for cumpled paper. Provides data security for an entire office floor.

Level P-3 4 x 60 mm particle...
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