We've got a franking machine that's right for your business...

In light of recent post office closures, a Neopost franking machine allows to ink stamp your letters, meaning you don't have to stand in line at the post office.

Low Volume Franking Machines

IS-280 Franking Machine
IS-280 Franking Machine

Created for growing businesses

When your business grows to a certain point, stamps no longer cut it. You want to send professional-looking mail. You want to minimise waste. You want to...

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IS-350 Stamping Machine
IS-350 Franking Machine

Makes your mail so easy

The Neopost IS-350 franking machine is ideal for businesses mailing up to 150 letters a day. With its space saving integrated scale it is capable of...

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Medium Volume Franking Machines

IS-420 Stamping Machine / Postage Meter
IS-420 Franking Machine

Fast, efficient and flexible

The highly capable Neopost IS-420 with whisper-quiet operation is fast and efficient. You'll appreciate the sleek ergonomic design that saves you space and...

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IS-440 Stamping Machine
IS-440 Franking Machine

Smart & Reliable Mailing System

The Neopost IS-440 franking machine offers speed and performance when you need it most. It is perfect for the busy office or mailroom that regularly posts...

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High Volume Franking Machine

IS-480 Stamping Machine
IS-480 Franking Machine

Smart, Modular Mailing System

The Neopost IS-480 is ideal for the demanding mailroom and offices producing high mail volumes. This franking machine will improve your mail processing...

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IJ-80 Stamping Machine
IJ-80 Franking Machine

High Productivity Mailing System

The Neopost IJ-80 is a heavy-duty, high-productivity franking machine that excels in the most demanding mailroom environments. With its high-speeds,...

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IJ-110 Stamping Machine
IJ-110 Franking Machine

Unsurpassed Performance and Functionality

If your organisation requires the ultimate in mail management then the IJ-110 is the perfect mailing system for you. This franking machine offers the...

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