Swiftly separate your continuous stationery

If you print large rolls of payslips, P60s, PIN mailers or other documents on continuous stationery than you'll need a fast and cost-effective way to seperate them into single forms.


The benefits of a Hefter product from Neopost

  • Bursters that can achieve speeds of up to 120,000 3" fan forms per hour
  • Bursts documents apart for softer edges, minimising the risk of paper cuts
  • Seperate your continous stationery quickly and precisely

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Burst your continuous stationery into individual documents...



Hefter Systemform has been developing and supplying innovative systems for automated form and mail processing since 1963.


As a recognised partner, we can offer you access to a range of first-class bursters from Hefter including the M-3000, M-6000 and the CT 30 / 31.


These bursters offer operations of all sizes the ability to quickly and accurately separate varying volumes of continuous stationery using the best technology available at a cost that fits your budget.
We believe that our customers deserve more than just a great piece of equipment. That’s why when you choose to work with Neopost you get so much more. Whether it’s a new franking machine, a folder inserter or software

Neopost Service Promise

A model for every application

Hefter CT 30/31

The CT 30 can burst up to 120,000 4-layers 3” forms per hour: Whenusing 12” forms volumes up to 30,000 per hour can be achieved. This high performance has been made possible by using a special, tractorless form guidance.

Hefter M-3000E Bursters
  • Clear and logical control panel for easy operation
  • Electronic length setting 
  • Tractor infeed for accurate paper transport
  • Individually selectable margin cutters connected to tractors; no adjustment of knives required when changing form sizes
  • Automatic jam clearance
Hefter M6000E Bursters

These bursters are designed to operate at a low noise level, space saving to fit into any office and offer the comfort and performance normally only found on much larger machines. And at a very attractive price level. Thanks to its technology the series M 6000 is capable of processing continuous forms at peak performance even during exhanded operational periods.

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