Versatile Mail Production

The DS-600i from Neopost has been designed to maximise ease of use, efficiency and accuracy in this ever changing world. The modular design, High-Capacity feeders, intuitive Touch-Screen operation and output processing options mean there’s a configuration to suit the needs of every organisation. When combined with Neopost Output Management and Mailroom Management software packages, ensuring the quality and integrity of your outgoing mail has never been easier.

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The Neopost Service Promise

We believe that our customers deserve more than just a great piece of equipment. That’s why when you choose to work with Neopost you get so much more. Whether it’s a new franking machine, a state-of-the-art folder inserter or any other solution from our extensive range, you can be sure it comes with an exceptional level of support.

You see, we believe that if you are a happy customer, you’re a loyal customer. We know that offering you the best service in the business is good for business. We know that our success depends on keeping you satisfied. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with an outstanding level of service each and every time. Guaranteed!



Tower Folders come in three options to suit individual needs. Each has a total capacity of 2,000 sheets but can be made up of combinations of 500 or 1,000 sheet hoppers depending on the volume and mixture of documents for insertion in each job. Documents can be loaded in a Portrait style for folding, or Landscape for larger envelopes.
Process Management

Process Management

Along with a simple conveyor or various postage meter options, DS-600i offers the ability to personalise every envelope. Data provided as part of the OMS/AIMS Closed Loop integrity process is used to print individual recipient details, return addresses, marketing slogans or pre-paid indicia on each envelope.


Collates and assembles all documents before folding so on opening all the documents are presented together and in the right order. Flexible content management allows very targeted communications. Integrated AIMS provides vital statistics on mailing jobs.
Cost Saving

Cost Saving

Whatever your applications, the DS-600i can be configured with the appropriate modules to suit your organisation. Should those needs change over time, the DS-600i’s modular design means it can be upgraded or expanded to keep up with the demands of an evolving world of communications.

The DS-600i Folder Inserter offers you so much


Touch-Screen PC Control - Yes 

Speed - Up to 6,000 envelopes / hour Up to 12,000 sheets / hour 

Set thickness - Up to 10mm (3/8”) 

Sheet feeder capacity - 2,000 Sheets (Combinations of 500 and 1,000 sheet hoppers) 

Insert feeder capacity - Up to 250mm (10”) 

Envelope feeder capacity - Up to 800 C5/6 Up to 500 C4 

Automatic job setup - Yes 

Accumulation before folding - Yes, up to 8 sheets 

Collation after folding - Yes 

Collation of inserts - Yes 

Mark reading (all modules) - Optional (OMR, BCR or 2d) 

Doubles detection - Yes 

Closed Loop Verification - Yes, (with AIMS) 

Postage meter interface - Yes (optional) 

Full modularity - Yes 

On-site upgradeable - Yes 

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Meet Your Local Account Manager

Neopost Ireland prides itself on having people on the ground, professional people with local knowledge and industry experience. We have a team of expert, friendly and local account managers throughout Ireland.

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