Modular & Highly Productive

Our automatic folder inserter machines enable you to easily create professional, top-quality mail pieces. The systems easily adapts to accommodate a wide range of envelope sizes. And, due to their ability to handle a superior document packet thickness, the inserters allow you to process a wide variety of mail items. They do it all - with ease!

  • Easy-to-load trays and an intuitive paper path help the operator to quickly get a feel for the system.
  • Fast, easy access to all parts of the system reduces stoppage to minimum.
  • High-capacity feeders, fast accumulation, and on-the-fly envelope loading - all save you time.

The Neopost e-shop has you covered

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An adaptable Mail Inserters Designed for Everyday Use

Adapt your Folder Inserter to Your Needs

With a compact, ergonomic design that allows for greater operator efficiency and ease of use, our inserters deliver optimum practical speed - maximizing your productivity. The DS-100/140 is touch-programmable to automatically adjust system setup for up to 20 regular jobs, substantially reducing your job-change setup time. Job settings can be stored in memory for instant recall, saving hours of setup time on repeat and similar orders. Intuitive user controls get you up and running in no time, and guide you every step of the way. Productivity uptime of your Folder Inserter is optimized to the max.

  • Simply add the right module at the right time – as your company grows.
  • Multiple function options allow you to take on more job orders, further optimizing your productivity.
  • A modular system ensures that your equipment investment is costeffective today and in the future.

The Neopost Service Promise

We believe that our customers deserve more than just a great piece of equipment. That’s why when you choose to work with Neopost you get so much more. Whether it’s a new franking machine, a state-of-the-art folder inserter or any other solution from our extensive range, you can be sure it comes with an exceptional level of support.

You see, we believe that if you are a happy customer, you’re a loyal customer. We know that offering you the best service in the business is good for business. We know that our success depends on keeping you satisfied. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with an outstanding level of service each and every time. Guaranteed!



Save time and money by optimising and automating your outbound mail preparation. A folding and inserting solution allows you to eliminate costly and inefficient manual packing.


A folding & inserting solution from Neopost will bring greater accuracy and consistency to your outbound mail operation. No more mismatched or incorrectly packed mail items in you customer correspondence.


Sending sensitive information? Our folding inserting machines works with our mail management software to provide you with the highest level of security when mailing business critical documentation.


By automatically and intelligently inserting additional promotional materials and special offers into your day-to-day mail, a folding and inserting machine won't just save you money, it will help you make money too.

The DS-150 Folder Inserter boasts these great features

Inserting Speed

Up to 4,500 envelopes per hour for single sheets and up to 3,400 envelopes per hour for two sheets collated

Modules Available

This flexible machine allows you to add up to 4 more feeder modules in addition to the inserter unit

Feeder Capacity

The high-volume envelope feeder can hold up to 400 envelopes at a time, minimising the time spent reloading

Document Sizes

76x140 to 228x406mm

Envelope Sizes

89x152 to 165x264mm

Pack Thickness

Max. 6mm

Fold Types

letter, zigzag, single, double parallel, no fold

Intuitive Interface

This folding & inserting system offers users a large PC touchscreen with an intuitive, easy-to-use operating system.

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