The evolution of the franking machine


Neopost have been providing franking machines to Irish industry since 1979 and there have been many changes since...

Franking Machines have long been a handy mailroom assistant – their primary function being to print stamps on to letters and signify that the correct price was paid on a piece of post.

Nowadays they do much more. A franking machine can weigh your postage to ensure the correct rate is paid and no more but that's not all... machines can print company logos on to the envelope, and provide information on how much is being spent by a company. Not only can digital franking machines tell you how much money is being spent, they can also tell you which department is spending it.

With this insight, businesses can see where savings can be made and how they can better manage postage spends. Also, without digital capabilities allocating mailing charges back to clients becomes a time-consuming, frustrating and laborious activity.

If you think you’re franking machine is coming to the end of its life, or you think an upgrade that offers the above features sounds appealing, visit the Neopost franking machine product pages and read about the machines we can offer your business…

Some benefits you can look forward to with a digital franking machine are:

  • View business postage spends across the business and by department
  • Identify postage cost savings across your business
  • Eradicate manual reconciliation errors

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