Is Your Organisation Ready for Eircodes?


On the 13th July 2015, some 2.2 million addresses in the Republic of Ireland were assigned Eircodes...

On the 13th July 2015, some 2.2 million addresses in the Republic of Ireland were assigned Eircodes. This is the new Irish postcode system which has been designed to help both the public, businesses and public bodies to locate every residential and business address in the country. 


Currently, some 35% of Irish addresses are not unique, particularly in rural areas where many homes just have the townland as its given address. With Eircodes, it is anticipated that the delivery of services and goods to these addresses will be more straight forward.


What is an Eircode?

An Eircode is a unique seven-digit code that is randomly selected for every address in the country, including each flat in a block and each house in a townland. The first three digits are a ‘routing key’ which will identify the general geographic area while the second set of four digits will be the ‘unique identifier’ for each address. The format will look like A61 6J27.


How will it Help?

While there has been some criticism on the random nature of the new system, it is expected that businesses will find many benefits from the introduction of Eircode, including;


  • Improved logistics and distribution planning – an Eircode will accurately identify delivery and pick-up points, this is particularly useful for the 35% of non-unique addresses 
  • Better and faster customer services based on a customer’s location making them more efficient
  • Faster and more accurate capture of address information
  • The ability to more effectively plan and provide essential services within communities such as social education, housing and health services


What you Think!

Last April, Neopost conducted a survey among 500 customers to find out how you are currently managing address data and what impact the introduction of Eircodes will have in your organisation. 


The profile of respondents was pretty diverse in terms of company size, location and industry - and was evenly spread between B2C and B2B companies. 63% have customer databases of less than 5,000 records, while the remaining 37% have databases in excess of this. 


Here’s what you said:


Date Quality


  • 38% feel their data quality needs to be improved (42% have problems with incorrect customer addresses. 37% have issues with returned mail/email. 48% are seeing low response rates from their marketing campaigns)
  • 72% believe they are wasting money due to a lack of accurate customer data
  • 67% feel this represents a clear loss in business opportunities 
  • Most importantly, 62% have no processes in place to fix this and keep their data quality up to date.


Eircode Readiness


  • 68% of respondents will ‘definitely’ or ‘most likely’ be adding Eircodes to their customer databases, while 21% are undecided.
  • 92% have still to prepare for the implementation of Eircodes


How we can Help

Neopost is happy to give you a heads up about a new software product we're working on. Data Improver will enable organisations to maximise the full potential of the upcoming Eircode address format. Scheduled additional features to this product include the following:

  • Add Eircodes to your existing customer databases and address files
  • Clean your data by ensuring that the addresses in your system conform to the official Eircode Address File upon which Eircodes will be built
  • Check your telephone numbers and email addresses to ensure they are in the correct format and the domain is complete
  • We also have plans to add additional functionality once it becomes available such as the ability to purge 'Gone Away', 'Deceased' and 'MPS / NDD' records. We also plan on adding the ability to update 'Mover' records.

To find out more about how Data Improver can help your business, please contact us on 1850 33 44 55