Top 5 Reasons to Use A Franking Machine


Some people feel that you need a lot of mail in order to justify having a franking machine but even at low volumes, franking machines still make sense. They'll help you save a few cents too. Here are the top five reasons that your business needs a franking machine...

5 Reasons You Need a Franking Machine

When it comes to managing mail nothing works like a franking machine...


Physical mail volumes are declining. There is no doubt about it. The number of letters we pop in the post is falling every year. That said we are a long way away from physical mail completely disappearing. And until your business is completely paperless it makes sense to have your mail running as smoothly as possible.

When it comes to managing your outbound mail, nothing beats a franking machine. Here are the top 5 reasons that your business needs a franking machine even if you are only sending a few mail items each day:


1. Discounts

By using a franking machine you get an automatic 1 cent discount on every standard mail item that you send. OK, it's not a massive saving but every little helps. Also if you are sending more than 200 items at once, you could save 15 cents on every item by availing of An Post bulk discounts for franking machine users.


2. Convenience

It's like having your very own mini post office. No more queuing in the post office to buy stamps. No more rooting in drawers and cabinets to find those stamps that you bought last week. No more delayed mail when you inevitably run out of stamps at some www. A franking machine won't let you down. You can top up 24/7.


3. Savings

On top of the discounts and the time saved by not having to go buy stamps every few days, a franking machine will deliver even more savings. Credit won't get lost or wind up in the bottom of someones drawer the way stamps do. Also with a franking machine you can print the exact amount of credit you need. That means no more overpaying for postage because the stamps you have don't add up to the exact amount needed to mail your item.


4. Security & Control

You have complete control over who uses the machine. That means you can control your spend. You also have full visibility on who used what and when. This means you can charge post back to the relative department, project or function responsible for each mailing.


5. Promotion & Branding

Franked mail looks better. Simple. A franked piece of mail looks more professional. People will take your correspondence more seriously. Also with the ability to add your own custom logos, images and return address, a franking machine offers you a great way to promote your business on every piece of mail you send.


There you have it. These are just some of the most basic benefits that a franking machine brings and you don't need massive mail volumes for a franking machine to make sense. Check it out.


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