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Times are changing. Things are moving faster than ever before. You live in a world where the pace of technological development is ever increasing. If your business doesn’t change with the times, you might get left behind. Neopost is here to help guide your business from traditional, physical, communications into a more efficient multi-channel mix...

Times are changing and Neopost is here to help


Things are moving faster than ever before. You live in a world where the pace of technological development is ever increasing. If your business doesn’t change with the times, you might get left behind.


In this age of new media and ever-expanding online channels of communication, it’s no surprise that more and more companies like yours are making moves towards digital methods of communication.


It’s easy to see why. Digital channels save money on paper, ink and postage and perhaps even staffing and office costs. They can also aid your business in becoming more responsive to customers, delivering instant communications in real-time across ‘always on’ networks.


In the future, paper-based communications will become a memory. All of your communications will be electronic. Digital is the way forward. At Neopost, we understand this.


Here’s a great video that our colleagues in Australia produced last year. It gives a great insight into just how enthusiastically our world is embracing the digital revolution.


We also understand, however, that this transition won’t happen overnight. In a 2013 report entitled ‘The Future of Multi-channel Transactional Communications’, Infotrends predicts that by 2017, only 35% of bills and statements delivered to US consumers will be paperless. That figure will likely be even lower in Ireland.


Paradoxically, while the growth in digital communication is leading to a fall in physical letters, the rise of online shopping is ensuring steady growth in the volume of parcels through the mail.


So, while a mainly digital future is more an inevitability than a possibility, it’s still quite some way off and for many Irish businesses it is going to be a long road.


We want to be with you along that road. That’s why we are taking steps now to ensure that we are the best-placed partner to assist you in your move from physical to digital communications.


Here are just some of the things we’ve been doing to ensure that, when the time comes, we can help you make the move.


We have continued to invest in our class-leading range of output management software packages, PrintMachine & OMS. 2014 will see the launch in Ireland of OMS-500. This is a new user-friendly and flexible software product, developed by Neopost Document Solutions. An intuitive, web-based solution, it provides multichannel management of customer communications, allowing you to easily manage a much more complex mix of highly-personalised, physical and digital direct communications.


The acquisition of GMC Software in 2013, has allowed Neopost to offer our largest clients an unrivalled enterprise-level communications platform from which to manage their complex communications requirements. In the coming years this experience will filter down into SME-level offerings to help your business achieve the type of engagement and efficiencies currently confined to the biggest telcos, financials and fmcg brands.


Further moves toward the digital future include the Neopost group acquisitions of Human Inference, Satori and DMTI Spatial. These exciting companies each bring a new data or digital capability to the group and they will help us to deliver data and shipping offerings for a new digital future.


Another growing area of expertise, connected to Neopost's heritage in mailing but existing as an independent offering in its own right, is scanning and document management.


Greater use of digital communications has revived interest in the paperless office. Few organisations have achieved a truly paperless state – just 1% according to a survey of 1,000 business leaders by document solutions company Altodigital – yet many are moving in that direction. Most of those questioned said they had cut paper consumption by 25%, with more than one in 10 (11%) having made reductions of 75%.


We’ve recently partnered with an Irish company called Enterprise Imaging Systems. To bring our customers an amazing new scanning and document management solution. ei-TRAX will change the way your company manages documents.


As you can see we’ve got our eyes firmly on the future. We want to ensure that we are with you on every stage of the road ahead.

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