Push the Envelope


You send mail every day. Invoices, quotes, account statements; every letter is an opportunity for you to cross-sell, up-sell and promote your business. Now you can deliver important promotional messages to key-decision makers at now extra cost. Here's how...

Get more from your mail with the power of transpromo

In 2013, An Post revised their standard postage rates. Now you can send a 100gm letter for the same price as a 50gm letter. That means you can get twice as much into each envelope at no extra cost.


This gives you the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the mail you already send. Boost your business by incorporating targeted promotional messages into your normal day-to-day mail.


Whatever you send quotes, invoices, account statements, or any other operational mail items, each piece of outbound mail is a chance to up-sell, cross-sell or promote your business.


Every business, regardless or size or sector, sends some day-to-day mail. Now is the perfect chance to push the envelope and make sure that every mail piece includes some form of promotional message that will boost your bottom line.


Think about it. Your invoices are generally opened by the person paying the bills. Use this as an opportunity to deliver compelling promotional communications to key decision makers.


Promote a new service that this customer doesn’t use, create special offers for increased future spend, promote premium alternatives to the product they currently buy - the possibilities are endless.


You could start simple with generic offers and messages, or you could go one step further and include communications that are tailored to specific customers or customer segments.


You are already paying for the postage and the envelope. Get more bang for your buck with transpromo communications.

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