Protecting Your Data


In an age of digital interconnectivity where organisations and individuals are producing more information than ever before, data security is a major concern. The Neopost Group has just put together a really insightful white paper about protecting your data.

How to Protect Your Data

Practical ideas to help organisations protect the competitive edge provided by their business data and to ensure compliance with data protection legislation


Neopost has put together an excellent white paper about protecting your data. The white paper was written in collaboration with Daragh O'Brien, the founder and managing director of Castlebridge Associates, a leading Irish data protection consultancy. 


The white paper will give you a good understanding of the data protection landscape and lots of practical ideas about how you can improve data security within your organisation.


At a time when online privacy, data protection and 'Big Data' are all hot topics the document aims to answer the following frequently asked questions:


  • What is the data protection legislation?
  • What do organizations have to do to comply?
  • How will this legislation change my working environment?
  • What happens if I get it wrong?
  • What does the future data protection landscape look like?
  • What's on the compliance checklist?

To download your own free copy of this really useful white paper just click here

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