Postcodes Are On the Way


Neopost attended the IDMA Late Late Christmas Show in the Morrison Hotel on Friday and we got the latest update on the new post code system for Ireland. 

Postcodes are on the way but details are still thin on the ground

Neopost attended the Interactive Direct Marketing Association's Late Late Christmas Show in the Morrison Hotel on Friday. It was a great event where the IDMA set out their stall for the year ahead.


Attendees were treated to some fascinating presentations about data protection, compliance, education and training and various other topics. The real draw for us though was the update on the new postcode system for Ireland.


At long last, after years of lagging behind other European countries and most of the developed world, Ireland is about to get its own system of postcodes. All involved are telling us that we will have our new codes by early 2015.


Granted, we've been hearing about postcodes since way back in 2005, so you'd be forgiven for being a little sceptical about when we will actually see postcodes printed on our mail. This time, though, it looks like it is really going to happen.


We can all see why postcodes world bring huge benefits for online retailers, taxi companies and ambulance services but they also offer a host of other advantages to marketers and businesses of all shapes and sizes.


An effective system of postcodes can greatly improve the way businesses communicate with and understand their customers. There are the obvious logistical wins such as improved supply chain efficiency, lower administrative costs, fewer items of returned mail etc. but then there are also massive customer analysis benefits.


With postcodes marketers from all sectors of the economy, will be better able to segment their customer databases and build profiles based on demographics in specific locations. 


Whilst there were no official representatives from government or the appointed postcode management licence holder, Capita, available to speak to attendees at Friday's event, the IDMA board prepared a presentation to share with us the insights from their continued liaisons with Capita and the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources. Here's what we know:


  • Minister Pat Rabitte officially signed the contract awarding the project to Capita last week
  • Capita will be responsible for the design, encoding and rollout of the national postcode system
  • Capita will be supported by BearingPoint and Autoaddress
  • The new postcode system is set to launch in early 2015
  • The codes will comprise seven digits, in a format something like this: A64 B7ED
  • The existing Dublin postcodes will be incorporated into the new codes
  • Best of all, Ireland's system of postcodes will be the first in the world that assigns a unique identifier to every address in the country. Most other postcode systems only assign a code to small areas or clusters of addresses. This more granular system will allow for even greater customer insight and analysis.


If you are interested in mail and direct marketing, keep an eye out for future events from the IDMA or head over to their website and consider a membership for your organisation.

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