Postcodes Are Coming


It finally looks like it's actually, eventually, at long last going to happen! The tender has been awarded, deadlines have been set and the money has been set a side. It looks like postcodes are definitely coming and we are pretty excited about it...

Postcodes are coming and we can't wait.

Finally, after years of lagging behind other EU countries and most of the developed world, Ireland is set to have it's own system of postcodes.


It was way back in 2005 when the then Minister for Communications, Noel Dempsey, announced that Ireland would have postcodes by 2008. It was great news for Irish business.


When that deadline passed, subsequent Minister for Communications, Eamonn Ryan, told us we would have postcodes by 2011. Again anyone involved in mail or marketing was delighted.


We can all see why postcodes would bring huge benefits for online retailers, taxi companies and ambulance services but they also offer a host of other advantages to marketers and businesses of all shapes and sizes. 


An effective system of postcodes can greatly improve the way businesses communicate with and understand their customers. There are the more obvious logistical wins such as improved supply chain efficiency, lower administrative costs, fewer items of returned mail etc. but then there are also massive customer analysis benefits.


With post codes marketers from all sectors of the economy, will be better able to segment their customer databases and build profiles based on location. This is great for businesses who use direct mail to communicate with their customers. That's why we are delighted to see that Minister for Communications, Pat Rabitte, has announced that postcodes are finally on the way.


And this time, the government means it. 


The contract has been awarded to a consurtium led by Capita and we will all have postcodes by 2015. 


Best of all, Ireland's system of postcodes will be the first in the world that assigns a unique identifier to every letterbox in the country. Most other postcode systems only assign a code to small areas or clusters of addresses. this more granular system will allow for even greater customer insight and analysis.


The codes will comprise seven digits, in a format something like this: A64 B7ED. 


The Minister explained that there would be many benefits for users "for example, given the prevalence of satellite navigation systems in cars, a driver will simply be able to insert a postcode into their device, rather than a lengthy address and will be provided with the accurate location".


This really is great news for Ireland and we can't wait to get our codes.

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