Never Lose An Important Document Again


If your business manages a lot of physical documents, you'll know that it can be a costly and time consuming process. Storing, moving and managing paper requires time, space and a lot of effort. 

The last word in document management

ei-TRAX is a complete document management solution that will transform the way your business manages information. With ei-TRAX you'll never lose an important document again!


If you are getting snowed under by the paper on desk, we've got some great news for you - Neopost Ireland recently established a partnership with Enterprise Imaging Solutions to provide their class-leading document management solution, ei-TRAX. 


What is ei-Trax?

On a very basic level, ei-TRAX is a software programme that uses a scanner to create digital images of paper documents. It allows you to store and index documents in an easily accessible and searchable digital archive.


Once the documents have been scanned to file, the system can read one unique number from any image and store the document under that reference number automatically, so it can be easily retrieved at a moment’s notice.


And they are just the basics ei-TRAX can do so much more to make your business run more effectively and efficiently...


The Benefits to You

ei-TRAX will bring your business a wide range of benefits. Here are just a few:


  • Easily track documents throughout your organisation

  • Get the right information to the right people when they need it

  • Reduce storage and other costs associated with managing physical documents

  • Protect your business against a catastrophic loss of data

  • Increase productivity and minimise the time spent searching for misplaced documents

  • Improve your accounting processes by tracking invoices received

  • Speed up payments by never losing another delivery docket and automating the invoicing process


When you install ei-TRAX, it will transform the way your business runs. An installation team from Enterprise Imaging Solutions and Neopost Ireland will ensure seamless set up and training. Full training is included for software and hardware, meaning that your business can start getting full benefit from day one.  


To find out more about ei-TRAX and how it could change your business just click here or call us on 1850 33 44 55

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