Manage Your Inbound Mail Like a Pro


Manage your inbound mail flow like a pro with an automated letter opener from Neopost...

Power through your inbound mail 

A pile of letters can highlight opportunities, Cheques to cash, client letters and sales leads to follow up. Or it could mean customer complaints or final demands. Either way, it’s important for any business to maintain its cashflow and build a customer satisfaction by delivering letters to the right person as quickly as possible.


So quick

A Neopost automatic letter opener can open up to 2,500 envelopes in less time than it takes a person to open 38 by hand, which frees employees up to work on more valuable tasks. Mail reaches the intended recipient quicker, which enables businesses to respond faster to customer communications and orders. Customer satisfaction is enhanced through quicker response to enquiries and orders.


Improve Cashflow

Cashflow can be improved by using a letter opener, as cheques are identified and separated instantly from other mail and banked sooner. Customer orders are processed quickly and customer queries answered sooner leaving operators to focus on sorting the mail and distributing it to the right person for action.


So easy to use

Letter openers are easy to use. They have a clear and user friendly control panel and have simple and self explanatory interfaces.


Neopost automatic letter openers are available from as little as €3 per day. For more information on why a Neopost letter opener is the smart choice for your business or to arrange a free demonstration click here

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