Fold & Insert Your Mail Like a Pro


If you have ever had to fold and insert letters by hand, you'll now that even a handful of them can quickly become a tedious and time-consuming task. It's madness. If you want to stop wasting time and money you should be folding and inserting like a pro...

6 reasons you should invest in a Neopost folding & inserting machine...

Folding your letters and inserting them into envelopes by hand is madness. Anyone who has ever had to fold and insert more than a handful of letters manually will tell you; it's a tedious and tiresome task. 


Just a couple of hundred letters can take you hours to get through. That's time that you or your colleagues could be spending on something more productive for the business. With desktop folding and inserting machines like the Neopost DS-35 available from just €20 per week, there really is no excuse.


You could be saving time and money right now.


Here are 6 great reasons you should start using a Neopost folding & inserting machine:


1. Save money through automation

If you’re filling envelopes by hand it’s costing you money. Think about how many man-hours you are wasting folding and packing your regular statement mailings, invoicing runs and marketing mailshots by hand. Imagine how much time and money you could save by automatically folding and inserting your business mailings with a Neopost folder inserter. The Neopost DS-35 can insert at speeds of up to 1,350 per hour and it's available from €20 per week. Even if you've only got two people wasting an hour a week packing letters by hand, a desktop folder inserter like the Neopost DS-35 is a 'no-brainer'.


2. Free up valuable staff time

The time saved by the Neopost DS-35 allows you and your colleagues to spend the time saved focus on more profitable or productive activities that will add to your bottom-line. Why have accounts staff manually folding and inserting invoices when they could be chasing outstanding payments? Why have your sales and marketing team packing mailshots by hand when they could be on the phone lining up that next sale.


3. Reduce materials and postage costs

By folding your mail items down to go into C5 or DL envelopes your ensuring that you get the lowest postage rates possible. If you currently send a lot of C4 envelopes because folding A4 documents by hand isn't feasible, you could save a fortune on postage and envelopes with a Neopost DS-35. The standard postage rate for an C4 envelope is €1.05 whereas a C5 envelope is €0.60!


4.Insert marketing leaflets and improve business 

With the DS-35 you can automatically insert up to 5 items into the same envelope. Maximise the impact of your day-to-day mail with engaging transpromotional messages. Sending invoices? Why not cross-sell a different service by automatically inserting a promotional flyer?


5. Don't worry about 'who gets what'

To guarantee everyone receives a correct and perfect mail piece, Neopost folders and inserters incorporate automatic security features such as Barcode and Optical Mark Recognition and Double Document Detection.


6. Simple to operate 

Our unique Load ‘N Go facility ensures that even inexperienced operators, with minimal training, can complete mailing runs.

You’ll be surprised how much difference a folder inserter could make to your business. As well as automating tedious manual tasks you can effortlessly improve the accuracy and professionalism of your mailings. Whatever your size of business or organisation, and whatever your mail - invoices, statements, promotions, payments or notices - there’s a Neopost folder inserter that will help you manage it more efficiently.


To find out more about the Neopost DS-35 or any other folder inserter from our range, call us now on 1850 33 44 55

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