Employee Spotlight: Tony Edwards


We caught up with our man down south, Tony Edwards, to get a feel for the life of a local Neopost account manager...

On the road with Tony Edwards 

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In this issue, we hit the road with our man down south, Tony Edwards, to get a feel for the life of a local Neopost account manager.


Tony joined Neopost Ireland relatively recently but he brought with him a wealth of experience having worked in the franking machine business for over 7 years. When he's not cheering for Munster or chasing around after his 3 year old daughter, Tony is looking after our clients right across the south of Ireland. 


From his Limerick base Tony really gets around. We caught up with him between client calls to see what it's like winding along the highways and byways of Munster and South Leinster.


We asked Tony about his role as an account manager. What does it entail? What kind of skills does it take?




"You've got to like people. You need to enjoy meeting people and trying to solve their problems. I love visiting a business that is looking to reduce costs and streamline mail. I listen, identify the problems, get an understanding of the processes and then I help them to find the Neopost solution that is right for them."


We ask Tony to give us a flavour of a typical day.


"Generally speaking I'll make between four and seven calls a day depending on where and when they fall. You could be calling out to demo a machine. You could be calling in for a general chat about what clients need. You might be calling in to close a deal. You might spot a new company you hadn't noticed before and you'll call in on spec to talk to about their mail volumes. You could be meeting customers who've had a Neopost machine for years and now they want to upgrade to a new model or a different machine altogether. Every day is different."


They say the early bird catches the worm so we wanted to know what time Tony usually hits the road.


"It depends where I'm headed. I've got quite a big area to cover so if my first appointment is in Enniscorthy I could be on the road for 06.00am. Then again if I'm kicking off with a client closer to home in Limerick I might get a lie on until 7.30am." says Tony.

"As an account manager, we've got to go where the clients need us. A typical day might take me across seven or eight counties with several stops along the way. Yesterday, I had appointments in Limerick City, Carlow, Kilkenny, Enniscorthy, Wexford and New Ross."


When asked if all that travel is tiring Tony replies, "The travel isn't a problem. Sure if you get caught in traffic in Limerick City or around Cork it can be a nightmare, but generally I enjoy being on the road, flying from one appointment to the next. The days shoot by and it's great meeting different people all of the time."


"That's definitely the best thing about the job. You meet some great characters along the way and more often than not people greet you with a smile and a bit of craic."


So there you have it, an insight into the life of a Neopost Ireland account maanger. Neopost employees a whole network of account managers located throughout Ireland and all of our support staff and back-office teams are located in Ireland too. Over the coming months we'll introduce you to some of the people who manage the Neopost client network. 


If you would like to find out who the account manager is in your area just click here.

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