Send business critical documents wherever you are

Prep and send mail with the touch of a button
Recent events are impacting on the way businesses manage their mail production and distribution.  With the shft to remote working, it’s become a challenge for companies to continue to send invoices and business critical customer communications. 
With Neotouch - the entire process is done for you
Quadient’s Neotouch solution prints, sorts, stuffs, and franks the envelopes and delivers to the Post Office. All without leaving your desk.So you can still send out invoice runs.  And remote workers can send their documents for mailing.
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  • Tanya Ahmad
    Office Manager, About Health

    It’s reduced the amount that we print and now we don’t use as much paper or ink,” says Tanya. “And it’s freed-up staff time which is better for our productivity. Working in a really busy office, we needed the solution to be as simple as possible, and it has been - we select the relevant template we need, and it generates the job. It’s working perfectly.”"