The Journey to Communications Savings


In both 2017 and 2018 An Post increased their postal rates yet again, this change although terrible for small and large companies also offers a fantastic opportunity to examine their communications strategy.
It is essential develop efficient communications that compliment your business and this is where Neopost can help.
Our team of communication experts can guide you through the postage costs changes, implement intelligent automation and digitisation all the way through to Multichannel Communications. Neopost’s team of communication experts can help you:

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Save Time & Cut Costs

  • More accurate & correctly formatted customer data reduces
  • Digitise documents to cut storage space and allow rapid on-line processing, filing and retrieval
  • Minimise postage costs - make the most of An Post discounts
  • Save staff time and speed up processing by automating manual mail handling tasks


  • Satisfy your customers by using the media they prefer
  • Clear documents and reliable invoicing make you easy to do business with
  • Win new customers with attractive, personalised marketing materials
  • Open & distribute incoming mail quickly for faster


  • Accurately manage personal communications – intelligent envelope filling delivers the right message to the right person
  • Handle e-invoicing, archiving and payment in line with impending electronic invoicing guidelines.
  • Manage all communication processes as specified by major customers
  • Dispose of confidential information securely

Go Digital

  • Make your customer communications cheaper and quicker
  • Migrate to low cost email
  • Adopt electronic invoicing
  • Scan documents for quicker distribution, on-line processing and reliable archiving/retrieval.
  • Electronically track important parcels & documents


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We're proud to call ourselves a local company and are as green as our company brand. Neopost engineers cover every county in Ireland and our sales and service team are based out of our office in Dublin.

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Right from when you hit print, Neopost can also offer you access to the latest folder inserter, and document management solutions to make life even easier.

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Neopost offer a complete communications suite to suit your total communications needs, so you know you’re in safe hands.

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