Why Make the Switch from Spreadsheet to SaaS

Infographic: Why Make the Switch from Spreadsheets to SaaS


Many businesses start out with basic, manual ways of working in order to get the job done. These companies then get stuck in their ways, continuing to rely on the tools and processes that have seemingly served them sufficiently. Yet, they don’t realise how this reluctance to change is negatively impacting their functions, communications, customer service and sales.


Ditching Spreadsheets for SaaS

Spreadsheets are often used to collate, sort and manage data, including customer and supplier information, and are one of the most frequently used business tools. However, they don’t always represent the best choice for many of the tasks they are used for. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions provide a more intuitive experience, while also empowering more efficient, agile and professional ways of working.

Check out our infographic to discover the 10 reasons why SaaS should replace spreadsheets.


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