Which essential processes should you outsource?

Which essential processes should you outsource?


As businesses grow, it becomes harder to manage non-core business activities themselves. Outsourcing frees up time to concentrate on serving customers and marketing to new prospects. Despite this, companies often continue to manage outgoing mail themselves, yet there are time and cost savings to be had in this area. Not only that, by outsourcing, communications can go out faster and that can positively impact cash flow and contribute to winning more new business.

It isn’t only physical mailings that take up staff time. Although that time can be significant when you consider that each item has to be created, printed, collated, folded, put into an envelope, addressed and taken to the Post Office. It’s also digital forms of communication, such as emails. Time and cost savings can be had by outsourcing physical and digital mailings. This involves a web-based portal where documents, created in the usual way, are uploaded. Once the delivery method has been chosen – such as printed mail or email – a production facility takes care of the rest - printing, envelope-stuffing, applying postage and posting.

Improving cash flow

Consider invoices. Quite often, they’re batch-produced and all go out at the same time. A lot of time and effort – perhaps once a month – goes into this. Yet, if they were generated and issued as soon as goods had been provided or services delivered, funds could come back into the business sooner. If customers accept invoices digitally – and for many this is convenient as it provides an electronic record and reduces paper storage – time to payment could be shorter still. By outsourcing the sending of invoices as soon as they can be created, staff time on this regular activity can be reduced.

Winning more new business

Customers don’t like to be kept waiting. If an existing customer or prospect makes an enquiry you’ll want to act on it quickly. If that involves sending information – a quote or sales brochure maybe – the sooner they receive it, the more likely they are to consider your business. The longer they wait, the higher the chances a competitor will capitalise on the opportunity. As with invoicing, if the requisite communication can be swiftly created and outsourced to a production facility to send straightaway, the chance of winning that business increases. Outsourced mail production is an efficient and scalable way of issuing communications through both physical and digital channels, saving time and improving customer satisfaction. When it comes to outsourcing processes, this one can deliver benefits across the business

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