Want to improve your business processes?

Want to improve your business processes?


The speed and accuracy with which backend processes are completed can have a big impact on how a business operates, performs and interacts with its customers.

When information flow is bogged down by resource-heavy manual processes, organisations can’t operate with agility and they end up falling behind others that are able to act more decisively.

Manual disjointed processes result in lost opportunities

Let’s take a look at an example. A prospect calls to enquire about a product. The employee notes down exactly what the caller requires, which includes being sent a physical brochure. The information is written onto a piece of paper and will be added to the computer system later on when the employee has time.

Once manually uploaded, a completely new item of correspondence is generated as there isn’t a template – this takes time and requires date re-entry. The correspondence is printed but needs to be taken to the Post Office to be distributed along with the brochure.

An employee can’t make it out to the Post Office until the next day at the earliest and, once there, they are forced to wait in a long queue. The package takes a few further days to arrive at the prospect – making it a week or so after the call. However, by then, a competitor has been able to respond in a timelier manner and has won the business.

Automated end-to-end digital solutions increase efficiency and satisfaction

Let’s now focus on a business that relies on digital tools for its document management processes.

A prospect calls to enquire about a product. The employee records the request and relevant information straight on to a digital tool. As the solution stores templates for the various types of correspondence, the employee can simply and quickly generate a letter to accompany the brochure. This also gives the employee time to personalise the communication so that it’s tailored to the prospect.

Once ready, the item – either singularly or as part of a much larger batch – is uploaded to a web-based portal. The printing, enveloping, franked and delivery to the customer is then managed offsite at the provider’s facility.

The brochure and personalised correspondence reaches the prospect a few days after the initial call. They are pleased with the response time, as well as the product on offer and signs an agreement.

More efficient communications means a more efficient business

When organisations are able to action and distribute batches that can contain thousands of personalised items – including standard customer communications, marketing material, invoices and statements – to thousands of recipients and across digital and physical channels with just a few clicks from a single solution, the efficiency benefits are felt throughout the entire company. Employees have more time to focus on serving customers and business-growing activities. They don’t have their hands tied by time-consuming manual processes that simply add unnecessary pressure and increase the likelihood of errors occurring.

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