Take to the Skies with Neopost


Neopost would like to introduce an innovative way of transporting your mail...

Neopost would like to introduce an innovative way of transporting your mail but it has to be highlighted that you’ll need particularly good aim and a very strong tailwind for your mail to reach its destination!



Now, it would take a whole lot of expert tinkering to get your folder inserter to churn out paper planes like this but if you just want a cutting edge machine that will pack your mail in a flash, we've got just what you need:


  • DS-1200 - Inserts at speeds of up to 8,300 envelopes per hour.
  • DS-1000 - Comes with intelligent programming which enable jobs to be set up in a matter of seconds.
  • DS-200 - Jobs are managed with a 15” graphical touch screen to maximise ease of use.
  • DS-180 - Provides fast and easy access to all parts of the system reducing stoppages to a minimum.
  • DS-150 - Has high capacity feeders, fast accumulation and on-the-fly envelope loading.
  • DS-90 - Can manage inserts of up to 10 sheets in each envelope.
  • DS-85 - Uses “IntelliDeck” that diverts any faulty documents as the system continues to run.
  • DS-75 - Includes a high capacity vertical stacker that reduces loading times and lets you leave the machine running for longer.
  • DS-65 - Enables minimal portal costs by grouping documents for the same recipient into one envelope.
  • DS-63 - Integrates a unique “Load n Go” technology enabling anyone to operate the machine.
  • DS-35 - Utilises double document detection functionality which provides accuracy and peace of mind for its users.


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