Is sending personalised communications really that important?

Is sending personalised communications really that important?


Ensuring that customers feel valued is key to building lasting relationships. One way of doing this is through personalisationOffering individuals specific deals, discounts or simply understanding and acting in accordance to their preferences provides value and enhances experience.   

One size doesn’t fit all 

Not all customers are the same, and businesses that believe they are will soon begin to alienate sections of their customer base. Take communications, for example. Companies may rely heavily on email as it’s relatively cost-effective and can reach a large number of contacts quickly. Yet, while this may be suitable for some customers and types of correspondence, it isn’t perfect for all. Some customers prefer to receive statement updates by post, while others want appointment reminders sent by SMS. Not altering processes to meet these requirements can lead to customers feeling as if they are not being listened to.

Similarly, sending exactly the same messaging and content to each and every customer can also result in them feeling undervalued. If they are being sent correspondence that isn’t completely relevant to them, they are likely to disregard it. It’s hard to build brand trust and loyalty if recipients aren’t reading your messages.  

Making personalisation simple through automation 

Many organisations don’t have the time to personalise communications as they rely on manual processes when creating and sending items. With resources stretched, using standard processes, formats and messaging saves time, and personalisation adds complexity that can result in errors being made. The solution is technologyEasy-to-use software can automate document creation and sending. This ensures accurate professional-looking items are always sent to the correct recipient and using the channel they prefer.

A single dashboard also allows for effortless document enrichment and personalisation, where they can be perfectly tailored to meet individual needs. Sending customers targeted, personalised messages at the right time and via the right channel is key to driving customer engagement and satisfaction. Those that get it right are able to build lasting relationships, which has a direct impact on revenue and business growth.  

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