With multiple mail delivery channels, can you really have it all?

With multiple mail delivery channels, can you really have it all?


Today’s customers use a range of communications channels that include digital - email, social media, text messaging and so forth - as well as traditional postal mail and telephone. Savvy businesses also use multiple channels to stay in touch with existing and prospective customers and aim to meet customer preferences over which channels they wish to be contacted through. 

Managing multiple channels and customer preferences takes a huge amount of handling, though. Without automation, there is a lot of manual work to do to ensure that mailings go to the right email addresses and that documents for posting are printed, folded, put into the right envelopes, addressed and have postage applied before they are taken to the Post Office.

Streamlining non-core business activities 

This can be a huge drain on staff resources, especially at peak times, which is unfortunate because, while it’s essential to put time into ensuring that marketing communications, invoices and other communications are clear and accurate, the physical work of printing, envelope-stuffing and dealing with the Post Office is generally not core to your business.  

This activity can be outsourced using a solution that takes care of everything from the time your communication is finalised. That includes generating and sending emails, printing documents for posting, stuffing envelopes, applying postage and delivering mail to the Post Office. All without any member of your staff leaving their desk.  

A single platform for physical and digital communications 

It’s a solution that allows you to send a single document or a batch job in no time at all. Documents are simply uploaded to a cloud portal and assigned to be sent by post or electronically according to customers’ preferences. Then the production facility takes care of the rest.  

For your business, this means:  

  • Customers receive communications in the way they want them without unnecessary, labour-intensive tasks for your staff 
  • Equipment issues, such as printer malfunctions, don’t impact your communications going out 

  • Staff absences through sickness or during peak holiday times don’t delay mailings going out  

  • Insight is gained into the status of mailings through customisable dashboards that any authorised member of staff can access.  

If managing multiple communications channels in-house has become time-intensive, inefficient and complicated for your business, now could be the time to look at how outsourcing could improve outgoing mail handling while meeting customer preferences on how they wish to be contacted.

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