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Managing Digital Marketing Processes to Avoid Unnecessary Costs

On any given day, consumers receive a constant stream of messages. Whether it’s a bank statement in the morning post, an email notifying them of a retailer’s upcoming sale, or a tweet promoting a new offer, the nature of customer communications today means marketing departments are no longer...

All Ireland Marketing Awards 2014

The All Ireland Marketing Awards, run by The Marketing Institute of Ireland, are the nation's premier means of recognising the success of Irish marketing professionals and acknowledging their major contribution to the ongoing process of strengthening the economy of our island and look who has just...

Postcodes Are On the Way

Neopost attended the IDMA Late Late Christmas Show in the Morrison Hotel on Friday and we got the latest update on the new post code system for Ireland.

Postcodes Are Coming

It finally looks like it's actually, eventually, at long last going to happen! The tender has been awarded, deadlines have been set and the money has been set a side. It looks like postcodes are definitely coming and we are pretty excited about it...
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