How to scale outgoing mail processes to support growth

How to scale outgoing mail processes to support growth


Growing companies have to scale operations so they can meet increasing requirements. Fulfilling a greater number of orders may require larger supply orders and storerooms, a recruitment drive, or the adoption of digital tools to automate and simplify manual processes.

Manual processes restrict growth

During the early stages of growth, many organisations tend to stick with the processes they relied on from start-up. It’s what they know and feel comfortable with. The issue is, they can’t be scaled effectively. One person can only do so much, so increasing output requires additional people. Companies therefore find themselves constricted, with the time taken to complete manual processes a drain on limited resources which prevents investment in business-growing activities.

How ineffective communications processes can impact expansion

Communications are often overlooked when analysing how to improve overall performance. Yet, how quickly and effectively a company can communicate with its stakeholders – including customers, suppliers and partners – is a key component of growth. If an organisation takes an age to distribute invoices, it creates a delay in receiving cash which impacts cash flow and prevents investment in growth opportunities. If customers aren’t sent timely correspondence after they’ve made an inquiry, they may become dissatisfied and look to competitors. If suppliers aren’t sent order forms, it may result in limited stock which affects sales. Outgoing communications need to be sent on time to ensure smooth operations and expansion.

Send batches of hundreds or thousands from one desktop with a few clicks

Businesses that adopt cloud solutions which enable the sending of large communication batches are going to find scaling up a simple task. Instead of the inevitable backlog that arises when managing distribution manually, even a single employee can handle the increasing demand of sending more mail. From a single dashboard, the user uploads the items to be sent and the batches are passed on to a providers’ facility where they are processed and distributed. Whether being sent via digital or physical channels, the process is completely outsourced and businesses have the assurance that items will always reach recipients in a timely manner. This drastic freeing up of resources ensures that employees are not bogged down on repetitive manual tasks. They have the time to focus on serving customers and growing the business.


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