How Folder-Inserters can help your business...


Discover how folder-inserters can take the pain out of outgoing mail management.

It’s time for the monthly invoice run. You might grimace at the thought of packing, sealing and addressing mountains of envelopes, again, again and again. Will it take all morning? All afternoon? Today and some of tomorrow? Who knows? What you do know is that you could be doing something a lot more productive, and it’s there waiting for you to “catch-up on” when you’re finished. Folder Inserter machines are here to help with this type of work. A folder-inserter allows you prepare your mail up to 40 times faster than by hand

Let us explain...
Folder inserters take the manual element largely out of mail management, making the process faster and more efficient. They also remove manual error from the equation, ensuring every recipient receives all the documents they’re supposed to, ensuring nothing is left on your packing table…. Because let’s face it, you’re not going to open every envelope back up and see which one is missing a page. A folder-inserter makes sure you won’t miss a page.

What are some of the shortcomings of putting together mail manually?
•    It’s slow
•    It can be inaccurate
•    It’s error prone
•    More important work gets delayed

A folder-inserter machine takes that work from you and allows you concentrate on the more important tasks. 
With some Neopost innovation we’ve recently included software in to the mix to make folder-inserters work even smarter. Output Management Software makes preparing mail simpler and prepares mail ready for the folder-inserter to produce even faster overall end-to-end outgoing mail management. 

Together numerous benefits are delivered, such as:

  • Personalization – Codes on a piece of mail mean the content can be adapted for each recipient. As well as that you can also add branding messages and slogans. 
  • Security – By using barcodes on documents the machine can ensure that the correct documents go in to the correct envelope. 
  • Automation – Post can be sorted automatically. 
  • Reporting – If you add a digital system to your outgoing mail management equipment, it will support reporting and give better insights and results for analysis purposes.

Check out this quick video to find out how a folder-inserter saved one company time and money…

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