Digital communication

What puts customers off about brand communications?

These days, everyone receives a lot of communications - both businesses and individuals alike. Sometimes, we can feel positively inundated and, when this is the case, it’s the messages that stand out that will get our attention.
Parcel delivery

How will you cope with the shopping season influx?

Parcel deliveries are on the increase and with shopping season firmly on the horizon the amount of parcels delivered to the workplace is set to rise even further.
Improve relations

Three steps to better customer relations

Strong customer relationships are built on thoughtful, ongoing communication. As easy as that sounds, companies with even a modest-sized customer base can risk irritating or alienating their customers if they lack the processes and technologies to carefully manage customer communications. Brands...
Parcel tracking

How do you track and trace incoming mail?

Parcel deliveries are on the increase but many mailrooms still receive and process incoming post maually. What happens is unreliable records being kept to record deliveries, and time consuming efforts to track down a package or parcel.
Folder inserter

Focus on: The DS-64i folder inserter

Folding documents and inserting them into envelopes is a particularly time-consuming activity that can jeopardise getting mail out on time. If staff have to physically prepare all mailings ready for postage, the end-to-end outgoing mail process can be a lengthy one.
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