Twice As Nice


With An Post postal rates going up from the 1st July 2015, owning a Neopost franking machine just became twice as nice...

Now you get double the savings with a Neopost Franking Machine

On 1st July 2015, the existing An Post postal rates will change. The price of a stamp for a standard letter will rise from 68 cent to 70 cent. That's not great news if your business still uses stamps.


The price of franking a standard letter, however, will stay at 66 cent. That's great news if you're a Neopost customer. Now you'll be saving a minimum of 4 cent on every single mail item that you frank.


Now, while price increases are never welcome, it has to be said that the postal service still represents great value, expecially if your business uses a franking machine. The price difference between stamps and franking your mail has grown steadily in the last few years and it's likely that this will continue.


"This is another example of an emerging trend. In recent years, the difference in cost between using stamps and using a franking machine has been increasing steadily. In 2013, there was a minimum 1 cent saving on every piece of mail. That rose to 2 cent in 2014 and now it has doubled again to a 4 cent saving on every single item."

- Alan Fagan, Marketing Manager, Neopost Ireland


And the postage savings are just one element of what makes a franking machine essential to any business that sends mail. A franking machine gives you increased control over your postage spend. You can top up your franking machine online 24/7 so you'll never run out of credit the way you run out of stamps. That means no more frantic trips to the post office with petty cash. Franking machines also give your mail a more professional appearance and you can promote your business by displaying your logo or a promotional message on every piece of mail that leaves your premises.


There has never been a better time to invest in a Neopost franking machine.  If you would like to talk to someone about finding the right Neopost franking machine for your business, call us now on 1850 33 44 55.


For more information about the upcoming An Post Rate Change you can click here.

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