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Improve relations

Three steps to better customer relations

Strong customer relationships are built on thoughtful, ongoing communication. As easy as that sounds, companies with even a modest-sized customer base can risk irritating or alienating their customers if they lack the processes and technologies to carefully manage customer communications. Brands...
Parcel tracking

How do you track and trace incoming mail?

Parcel deliveries are on the increase but many mailrooms still receive and process incoming post maually. What happens is unreliable records being kept to record deliveries, and time consuming efforts to track down a package or parcel.
Folder inserter

Focus on: The DS-64i folder inserter

Folding documents and inserting them into envelopes is a particularly time-consuming activity that can jeopardise getting mail out on time. If staff have to physically prepare all mailings ready for postage, the end-to-end outgoing mail process can be a lengthy one.

How Folder-Inserters can help your business...

Discover how folder-inserters can take the pain out of outgoing mail management.
Physical Mail Expert

45 Seconds with a Physical Mail Expert

Every year billions of envelopes are sent across the world containing invoices, pay slips, bank statements, insurance contracts and other business-critical documents. This means that hours of valuable time is wasted stuffing envelopes manually. One way to deal with this is to find the folder...
6 Ways to Ensure the Right Documents go to the Right Customer

6 Ways to Ensure the Right Documents go to the Right Customer

There are six key phases involved in putting a document integrity system into place for a folding and inserting machine. This process ensures that a document cannot leave a section of the folder inserter until it has been correctly processed (e.g. an insert added). This is an example of Integrated...
What Does Document Integrity Means?

What Does Document Integrity Means?

There are different levels of integrity, and they all help to contribute toward making sure your mail process is compliant. At the first and simplest level, organizations can implement a system to instruct their folder inserter when to accumulate and when to insert a set of documents. This would...

Take to the Skies with Neopost

Neopost would like to introduce an innovative way of transporting your mail...

Push the Envelope

You send mail every day. Invoices, quotes, account statements; every letter is an opportunity for you to cross-sell, up-sell and promote your business. Now you can deliver important promotional messages to key-decision makers at now extra cost. Here's how...

Fold & Insert Your Mail Like a Pro

If you have ever had to fold and insert letters by hand, you'll now that even a handful of them can quickly become a tedious and time-consuming task. It's madness. If you want to stop wasting time and money you should be folding and inserting like a pro...


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