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45 Seconds with an E-invoicing Expert

In today’s fast changing world, where information flows more freely and connections are made in a click, enterprises are under increasing pressure to perform . One way to deal with this challenge is to simplify processes and opt for the digitization of customer communications .
How to E-invoice

How to E-invoice

Up until around five years ago e-invoicing solutions were principally developed for large enterprises. However new solutions, specially developed for SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), are gaining market share. By making the transition from physical to digital invoicing SMEs are reaping the...

Moving to Electronic Invoicing: A Real Opportunity for SMEs to Get Ahead of the Game

Due to the globalization of today’s economy, information now moves more freely and communication is increasingly quick and simple. However enterprises are under growing pressure when it comes to performance. One way of handling this challenge is to simplify and automate processes . With 2 billion...

Infographic: The Present and Future of Invoicing

In 2016, businesses across Europe issued 36 billion invoices . Invoices are essential to cash flow, meaning the processes used to create and send them will have a large influence over an organization’s success. However, when sending, there remains a reliance on paper. This is an inefficient option...
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