Does your company enable stress-free customer interactions?

Does your company enable stress-free customer interactions?


For today’s consumers and businesses, choice is at the cornerstone of customer service. Take methods of communication for example. They used to centre around the telephone and physical mail. Now, consumers increasingly choose to shop and pay bills online, connect with businesses through social media and stay in touch by email. This influence carries through to b2b interactions, which are increasingly digital and online.

Take invoicing - for many businesses, electronic (e-)invoicing provides convenient digital records in place of paper. It also enables the simple sharing of information across departments for more rapid approvals and can feed into connected processes whereby payments are made electronically too.  

For some customers, this suits the way they want to work. Companies that can support e-invoicing can save these customers time, relieve the headaches they may have had chasing approvals and help support streamlined processes. In turn, this helps customers to be more productive and – hopefully – enjoy stress-free operations.   

A variety of communications channels 

That isn’t to say that one hundred per cent digital communications is the way to goThe optimal approach is to give customers choice over how they keep in touch. This could mean, for example, e-invoicing and emailed quotes but brochures sent through the post and telephone calls to follow-up on fulfilled orders.  

Giving customers choice means adapting to their preferences for communications - as opposed to expecting them to adapt to yours. Then, customers can more readily integrate interactions with your business into the way they work or live their lives, helping them minimise double-handling and be more efficient. The more stress-free the interactions; the more convenient and seamless customers’ activities can be.  

Achieving this level of flexibility can be hard to do though when communication processes have built up over time and processes have become ‘hard-wired’ into the business. Yet, making the transition can be simpler than you think. By centralising communications and using output management software to manage the multiple communications channels, efficiencies can be gained and errors reduced.  

Save further time by outsourcing outgoing mail distribution  

Scalable mail outsourcing is managed via a web-based portal, whereby a secure mail production facility is instructed on which messages to send, to which recipients through which channels. This way, you save the time you would have spent printing documents, stuffing envelopes and arranging postage, and putting together individual emails, while ensuring the rapid and secure delivery of all your communications.