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E-invoicing and its future global role

E-invoicing and its future global role

Electronic (e-)invoicing is adopted by many enterprises to simplify and speed up the invoicing process and bring funds back into the business faster . Manual, paper-based invoicing is time-consuming, can be error-prone and places a strain on limited resources.

How to take your at-home office from semi-digital to completely digital?

There are many benefits available to businesses who go digital with their communications . Time and cost savings, operational efficiencies and improved consistency to name a few. However, when people work from home, processes can often remain in the default manual approach - meaning unneccessary...

Finding Your Form

Many companies rely of getting a signed delivery docket before they can invoice. This means that a lost docket or a misplaced proof of delivery slip can be a very costly and time-consuming mistake...

Never Lose An Important Document Again

If your business manages a lot of physical documents, you'll know that it can be a costly and time consuming process. Storing, moving and managing paper requires time, space and a lot of effort.
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