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Packcity, a new product from Neopost, is the most convenient solution for growing parcel deliveries in the workplace,

A new solution for businesses and universities who deliver and receive parcels has arrived in the form of Packcity, an intelligent parcel locker solution. Neopost, a global leader in digital communications, shipping and mailing solutions, have introduced Packcity in Ireland to help businesses manage parcel deliveries within their companies. The European parcel market has been growing at an annual rate of 5 to 6 per cent in recent years. In Ireland last December 100,000 parcels were delivered by An Post alone; add to this the other delivery companies and we can see the scale of the problem facing mailrooms. Another issue is that 61 per cent of workers report working remotely at least some of the time – as a result, parcels are left sitting unsecured, clogging up already limited mailroom space, and locating the recipient can be difficult. Online shopping and parcel deliveries are expected to continue to increase, but there are solutions to assist in this growing trend.

Mark Shiels, a pre-sales analyst at Neopost Ireland Ltd, said Packcity Intelligent Parcel Lockers bring an alternative and practical dimension in helping businesses and universities manage inbound parcels and track parcel deliveries. “Neopost is number three in the world in terms of parcel locker solutions,” he said. “Since we launched Packcity in Ireland we’ve been very happy with its success. Packcity makes the process of inbound parcel deliveries much easier for businesses to monitor and manage.”

Neopost has been operating in Ireland since 1979, with over 6,000 customers in the SME and financial services sectors. Neopost Global Parcel Lockers are already a success story globally. In 2013, Neopost set up a partnership with Australia Post for over 300 lockers. In 2014, Neopost set up a joint venture with La Poste France for 1500 lockers, while a partnership with Yamato Japan looks at installing 5,000 lockers by 2022.

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“Neopost is number three in the world in terms of parcel locker solutions... Since we launched Packcity in Ireland we’ve been very happy with its success. Packcity makes the process of inbound parcel deliveries much easier for businesses to monitor and manage.” - Mark Shiels, Pre-Sales Analyst, Neopost Ireland


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"Through digital communications, a company can better target and communicate to a recipient’s individual needs, even if the recipient is part of a bulk mail send."  The Packcity intelligent parcel locker solution is an automated electronic locker system that enables you to securely store and distribute a large volume of inbound parcels, informing recipients of their arrival. According to Shiels, this helps customers optimise their inbound parcel management process, making it possible for recipients to pick up their parcels in just a few seconds. “Packcity allows you to save on mailroom space, despite increasing volumes of inbound parcels,” he said. “This means your business spends less time managing and retrieving inbound parcels.” Packcity works across a threestep solution. The first is the software, which remotely manages and monitors all the parcel lockers. The software system has full electronic security to minimise the risk of lost items and facilitates a tracking system that follows the parcel from drop-off to pick-up points. The second step is the lockers themselves. These come in a range of modular indoor or outdoor column structures with a choice of locker sizes. Lockers have a touchscreen interface with cameras and security features. The final step is Packcity’s services, which incorporate a host of measures to ensure parcels are picked up, tracked and safely delivered.

Staff and software support are on hand to deal with any queries, in addition to onsite maintenance of the parcel lockers. “We are different to other parcel locker offerings in the market in that we are not tied to one carrier in the picking up and delivery of parcels,” said Shiels. “We’re coming from a different angle in that what we have is a parcel locker solution that is easy to connect with. It can take deliveries from different sources. We provide a solution that’s easy to use, secure and integrates through our cloud applications, which make it easy for businesses to buy the locker and not get tied into long IT integration with any carriers.” Packcity is targeting the concierge market, where companies or establishments have a reception area where parcels are delivered to. “The idea is to make it easy to use,” said Shiels. “We put it into our office, and people are ordering more parcels now because of the lockers' convenience. Everybody knows people are ordering personal parcels to the workplace, and some businesses find that difficult to manage. Our solution means there is a safe and secure locker in situ that can handle inbound and outbound packages. Staff can collect their own packages, and you are not adding to the workload of the personnel allocating people’s post each day.”

Packcity works in a very simple manner. The person delivering the parcel enters an individual ID number on the locker’s touchscreen and scans the parcel’s barcode. Then, on the same screen, they identify the recipient’s name from the internal address book, which is loaded during installation, and then select a box size. The final step is to place the parcel in the automatically selected locker box. The person receiving the parcel is notified by email that the parcel has arrived. They have a one-time pin code or barcode which will allow them to access the locker and retrieve the package. “We have a simple, speedy and secure solution for those sending and receiving parcels on a daily basis,” said Shiels. “We look at the requirements of each business to see what type of module is needed. We also have a rental option, so people aren’t under pressure to purchase lockers. The rental option means it is not a capital expense, it’s an operational expense, so it comes out of a different budget and it’s a quarterly charge that can be spread out and budgeted for over time. “We’ve also got a solution which manages inbound parcels. This allows people to scan parcels and track them. An email is then sent to notify the recipient when the parcel has been delivered.”

To find out more about Pack City contact Neopost on 01 625 0900

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