Why Switch from Spreadsheet to SaaS

Infographic: Why Make the Switch from Spreadsheets to SaaS

Many businesses start out with basic, manual ways of working in order to get the job done. These companies then get stuck in their ways, continuing to rely on the tools and processes that have seemingly served them sufficiently. Yet, they don’t realise how this reluctance to change is negatively...

Digital America: A Tale of the Haves and Have-Mores

This interesting report and video from McKinsey highlights the fact that certain industry sectors in the U.S. are struggling to keep up with digitization and that " the US economy as a whole is realizing only 18 percent of its digital potential. "

The Benefits of Using a CCM Platform for Mobile Banking

Today we are seeing more and more customer communications management (CCM) leaders, not only in financial services, but across many other traditional industries as well, opt for a modern communications platform that is scalable, flexible, integrates directly into a mobile or web app, compliant to...
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