October 14, 2014


Truvo IJ-75 Franking Machine Case Study



The Golden Pages from Truvo, Ireland’s largest printed directory, is delivered to over 1.8 million homes and businesses throughout the country. Containing thousands of advertisements, the Golden Pages must ensure that all artwork proofs are despatched quickly to advertisers prior to print.


Here, we see how the IJ75 Digital Franking System helps to speed the process.


Tony Gallagher works at the coalface of Golden Pages customer relationship activities. Responsible for outbound post, Tony describes some of his days as incredibly busy.


‘On average, the post room will have to frank up to four hundred or more letters in any given day,’ Tony says. ‘Things get more intense coming up to the print deadline for the Golden Pages. It can get absolutely mad.'

‘Artwork for many of our customers’ ads will be given to me for postage, and I’ll have to ensure that they hit the post that very day. The franking system from Neopost helps me to do just that.'

This franking machine delivers Productivity Through Ease of Use

The IJ75 Digital Franking System has been designed to process up to 180 letters per minute. Its ease of use contributes to increased productivity by automating the franking and posting requirements for high-demand operators.


‘Much of our post is C4 in size,’ Tony continues. ‘I place the envelopes in the tray and the franking system does the rest. It’s very easy to use.’


The IJ75 franking machine speeds envelopes through its system, applying the appropriate frank quickly and accurately. Larger sized packs, such as padded envelopes or boxes, are also accommodated by the IJ75 through its integrated weighing system.


‘The weighing system is also easy to use,’ Tony states. ‘Simply lay the item to be posted on the weighing scales, and the appropriate amount of postage appears on the machine. I touch a button to confirm the operation, and the system quickly produces the appropriately franked label that I can then apply.'


‘The speed of the machine really helps me out,’ Tony says. ‘I won’t start the daily franking operation for the post room until 3PM. But I’ll have all of our outbound post ready to go within a half and hour to forty-five minutes. It’s cool!’


The IJ75 Digital Franking Machine also incorporates a number of other features that help to increase productivity: users of the system can maximise postage cost control by assigning postage costs to up to 200 separate departments; its inbuilt inkjet technology can also produce sharp images of company logos as part of the franking operation in order to provide that professional touch.


The system also uses Credifon for fast, simple postage re-crediting. Operators simply key in a password protected request for re-crediting. The request is transmitted via a phone line, and credit quickly downloaded into the IJ75. This facility increases postal security, while also helping postal operators to maintain productivity.

Our franking machine customers are supported by a team of experienced Professionals

The IJ75 Digital Franking System is fully supported by the Neopost support and service team, as Tony illustrates:


‘Installation of the franking system was easy. The Neopost representative showed me how to work it in only a few minutes. I was up and running in no time.


‘Since having the system installed about a year ago, we’ve only had a minor problem. I telephoned the support people at Neopost. They quickly understood what was wrong, and talked me through the fix on the phone. It only took a few minutes. Everyone at Neopost really knows what they’re talking about.’


‘I’m happy to recommend this franking system,’ Tony concludes. ‘It’s fast, simple and easy to use. And it helps me to get through a mountain of post in no time.’

For more information about our franking machines

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