October 14, 2014


SIPTU Folding & Inserting Machine Case Study


SIPTU automates their folding and inserting of mail


The Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union (SIPTU) represents over 200,000 workers from virtually every category of employment across almost every sector of the Irish economy.


SIPTU provides the expertise, experience and back-up services necessary to assist workers in their dealings with employers, government and industrial relations institutions.

Choosing the best folding and inserting machine provider

In 2009, SIPTU were approached by Neopost to see how best to automate their mail processes. At this time the organisation were only using a franking machine and manually fulfilling the post – up to 1000 items per week.


Initially the benefits of the Neopost Sesam letter opener were acquired to process the high volume of incoming mail the organisation received daily. However, Neopost solutions consultant, Terence Hynes recognised the need for a folding inserting solution in the organisation also. Choosing the Neopost DS-70, Terence carried out on site demonstration at SIPTU’s headquarters at Liberty Hall.


This demonstrration showed SIPTU that there were concrete benefits to a folding and inserting machine. The business case was made and after reviewing the available competitor equipment, Tony Walsh, Head of Infrastructure at SIPTU chose Neopost.


'The product was competitively priced,' explains Tony, 'it fitted the needs of the organisation as it nested the documents prior to insertion'.

Folding and inserting machines that offer Cost Savings, Flexibility and Ease of Use

The efficiency of the DS 70 inserter has proved extremely beneficial as a time saving and accurate tool for handling large volumes of letters and forms.


At full capacity the DS70 can fold and insert up to 10 pages into a C5 envelope


'Without this machine there is no way we would reach our Ceadunas quota of 2,000 items', adds Walsh

Features, attributes and set-up times for the DS-70 folding and inserting machine

Having a Neopost engineer on site to assist with set up and training meant that SIPTU wasted no time in putting their DS70 to immediate use.

For more information about our franking machines

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